We offer 2 different option for our Edward’s Shoes: Custom Ready-Wear, and Full Custom. All options are made to order and have noted lead times.  The Process for each option is as follows:



This options invites the client to be involved in the creative process.  Although still being of standard sizes and widths, the client is placed in the creative driver’s seat choosing from styles, leather, materials, and finishes for a personal look suited to their vision.  Although it is preferred the client is onsite at least once for this option, arrangements can be made via video conferencing or telephone to begin the process. Our Semi-Custom start at $1000.00 a pair.  To begin the semi-custom experience, click the “contact us” tab and our shoemaker will be in contact with you.  Please allow approximately 2-3 months for delivery of our semi-custom selections. 


Full Custom/Bespoke

This is our most intimate option with the Client being involved from the beginning. This does require at least 2 visits to our studio. The process begins by taking at least 6 measurements of each foot as well as a pedograph impression. That’s when the fun begins!  You, as the client, get to select just about everything else - from style, leather, sole finish, lace color, stitching color, edging details, and finishing touches - the creative options are limitless.  A “fitter shoe” is then crafted requiring the client to return to the studio to confirm all measurements. Once the fit is confirmed and the client signs off on the final design, the actual shoe making process begins.  The Full Custom begin at $2000.00 a pair. To begin the full custom/bespoke process, click the “contact us” tab and our shoemaker will be in contact with you.  Please allow approximately 3-4 months for delivery of our full custom shoes. 


As with all of our options, if these are a gift please click on the “contact us” to discuss how we can make the gift giving process easier for you.