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It all started when...

Edward Jones, an independent  shoemaker, joins craftsmanship and inspiration. Edward is self-taught by trade and specializes in men’s custom dress-shoes. Years in the making, shoe crafting is Edward’s passion. He is a Southern-born man, originating in Owensboro, Kentucky. At the age of 14, Edward moved with his family just south of Nashville, TN, where he has lived ever since.

Edward loved menswear and fashion from an early age. It was this love that inspired him to found a bowtie company. A self-taught sewer, he began creating custom and handmade bowties for all occasions. But Edward’s desire to create was not complete. He sought to learn how to build the staple of every man’s wardrobe, his shoes.

Thus, Edward dove in headfirst to found a company that provides classic handmade, custom leather shoes. The goal of Edward’s Shoes is to use materials only from companies within the United States. Every pair of Edward’s Shoes involves the highest quality materials available, from boxed calf to sting ray.

In December of 2013, Edward secured investors and purchased the first major tools of shoemaking: a vintage sewing machine for leather and a Landis K. By mid-January, the adventure had commenced in full. While Edward wore his first pair in public, a man approached to inquire about his shoes. This man became Edward’s first client. The second, third, and fourth clients followed immediately after. Each pair of Edward’s Shoes requires over fifty hours of intense labor to craft. In the end, every shoe is a well-crafted work of art, custom made for the individual client, a remarkable achievement from a small business in a small town in Tennessee.